Frequestly Asked Questions


What is your refund policy?
Is there an age restriction to start driver education?
How do I know if I need to take a full driver education course?


When can I start driving?
What is this Junior Operator Law (JOL) I'm hearing about?
How many hours of driving time do I need?
Does your school use dash cameras?
State Mandatory 40-Hour Parent/Guardian Driving Hours
How do I schedule my on-road lessons?
How on-road driving lessons should be scheduled:


I lost my permit, it went through the wash, my sister ate it...... what do I do?
How do I get a Learners Permit?


Do I need a learners permit to start the classroom portion of driver education?
How does the classroom portion of driver education work?
When are classes scheduled?
Is there a test at the end of the 30-hour class?
What is included in your program cost?
Are RMV fees included in your program cost?
Do my parents need to take a parent class?
How do I sign up for a parent class?
When are parent classes?


How do I get a road test?
Adults Looking for a Road Test Sponsorship
What are the RMV road test fees?
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