Road Tests

You can attempt no more than six Class D road tests in a 12-month period. If you fail your first road test, you may want to consider taking a behind-the-wheel driving lesson at our driving school before your next attempt. View driving lesson options.

$55 - ROAD TEST SPONSORSHIP includes the use of a certified driver education vehicle and a certified driver education instructor as your road test sponsor. If you are just doing a road test sponsorship this does not include a driving lesson. On the day of your road test, we will do a quick review of the features of the vehicle (lights, wipers, seats, and mirror adjustments).

Alternative Road Test: $20 convenience fee.
* The driving school will schedule your road test.
*The alternative road test is conducted at the driving school
* The road test is done in a driving school vehicle
*$20 convenience fee charged by the Registry of Motor Vehicles but collected by the driving school
* Registered students of the driving school the road test car rental fee is included in your package price
* Adult driving lessons the road test car rental is $55
* additional fees are charged by the Registry of motor vehicles, $35 for the road test appointment and a one time fee of $50 for the driver's license.
* All fees must be paid in advance before the scheduled road test date.


Applicant Requirements

If you are under 18 years of age, the application must be signed by a parent, legal guardian, representative from the Department of Children and Families, or a boarding school headmaster. If the person signing the application is not a parent, proper documentation must be shown at the time of the road test to prove that the person is qualified to sign.

You must use our vehicle.  We cannot legally sponsor you for a road test in your own personal vehicle. Call, email or text the school to set up an appointment date for a road test

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