Adult Courses & Driving Lessons

Do you require private one-on-one instruction? Do you need a quick refresher before your road test? Let us help!

We offer one-hour on-road training with a certified instructor who will work with your particular concerns and needs of driving. We can also help with the use of a state-certified vehicle and sponsorship for a road test. Give us a call today at 413-527-2470 or text 413-531-9827 for more information.
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$60 - ROAD TEST SPONSORSHIP includes the use of a certified driver education vehicle and a certified driver education instructor as your road test sponsor. If you are just doing a road test sponsorship this does not include a driving lesson. On the day of your road test, we will do a quick review of the features of the vehicle (lights, wipers, seats, and mirror adjustments).

Discount Offer: 5-hour driving lesson discount.
* $300 for 5-adult 1-hour driving lessons (5-hours total)
* The full amount must be paid in advance
* Lessons cannot be reimbursed or transferred for any other services
* You will receive a card to document the lessons as they are completed
* You can schedule appointments by calling the office at 413-527-2470
* If you require more than the 5 lessons, you can purchase another 5 -lesson discount card at the $300 price or pay $50 for any additional lessons
* The discount card does not include the road test car rental fee
* If you lose your discount card, we can provide you with another card.

* We do not accept credit card or check payments for 1-hour adult lessons or road test sponsorships.

Are you a Military Veteran? Take a one-hour in-car lesson at a discounted rate. (must show your DD-214) Our instructors have experience teaching adults to drive. Must possess a valid MA learner's permit. The discount price is $60 for a 1-hour lesson.

Are you 65 years of age or older? Take this one-hour driving lesson at Nichols Driving School at a discounted rate. You must possess a valid MA learner's permit. Our instructors are skilled in assisting senior citizens with basic refreshers all the way to RMV required competency tests. The discount price is $60 for a 1-hour lesson.

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